Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mr. Pearl, corsetier.
He himself wears a corset constantly, even while sleeping. He states this helps him form a relationship with and develop a deep understanding for his clients feelings, desires, and experience being tight-laced. Mr. Pearl states that through corseting, "the body becomes voluptuous and palpably "there" rather than repressed". Corseting affects everything from the way a person looks and feels to the way they move. I find the craftsmanship of Mr. Pearls work fascinating, as well as his reflections upon the act of wearing a corset, what that means in contemporary culture, and whether the corset restricts or enhances the physical form.Dita Von Teese models a corset by Mr. Pearl. This corset laces from the crotch up the back through an attached hood.

-Sarah I.

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  1. Mr Pearls corsets are so amazing, theres no one else like him! I've not seen this one, I love the flesh colour with the black lace, like the Gaultier ones!