Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Follow Up/References

We spoke briefly about the following pieces in class, so I thought I would share images and links with you all here:

Alexander McQueen's S/S 1999 show (pictured above and on vimeo via this link.) I highly recommend a perusal of the designer/artist's website archive of runway video footage that goes back to 2002.

Christo and Jean-Claude's Wedding Dress (above) and the iconic crocheted wedding dress made by Yves St. Laurent (below)

As an aside, it might be worthwhile noting the relationship to the following garment by Hussein Chalayan a few decades later:

We also spoke about Home-Made, the book about the objects made in post-Soviet Russia. A link to images from the book (and links to other related websites and blogs about craft, low-tech design and the handmade) can be found here.

Another great resource for viewing a lot of work from a variety of fashion designers is the searchable database at NY Magazine.

Lastly, I also mentioned the embroidered hospital gown obsessively embroidered by Alice Ligon circa 1949.

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