Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Clearly Communicating Expectations

In an effort to have frank and clear communication about the requirements of MME I and admittance to MMEII in the Spring, I have created the following rubric. Assessment criteria for this class are based on the fact that the class is an upper level capstone class, requiring a high degree of commitment, team-work and self-direction. Student performance will be evaluated on a case by case basis by me, your instructor, and by your colleague's/classmates' feedback. The intent in posting this 'rubric' is not to intimidate you; rather it is my attempt to make transparent the assessment criteria for this course, support each other's progress towards individual goals and towards the group's goal: the Multi Media Event in April.

In order to be admitted to MMEII, you must be able to demonstrate your ability to:

1. complete a substantive body of work by February that relates to the concepts discussed in this class, specifically experimental fashion.

2. constructively participate in the collaborative design, organization and production of a multi media event .

Satisfactory progress towards these two objectives will be assessed by the following criteria:

1. Presenting a compelling body of work that is at least 60% complete by December 14. This could be constituted by:

a. 3-4 completed ‘looks’, costumes or garments OR 7-8 looks that are 50% towards being completed, or equivalent

b. a proposal and completed elements/components for a performance, video project or other relevant work

2. Demonstrating the following in individual projects, class activities and assignments:

dependability and reliability (as demonstrated through follow-through on tasks and assignments, punctuality and attendance in class and class related events)

thoroughness and thoughtfulness in work (craftsmanship, care, attention to detail as relevant to the work being undertaken)

completing assignments and meeting deadlines

the ability to work independently and be self-directed

ability and willingness to communicate with peers and instructor (as demonstrated through active listening and participation in critiques, discussions in class, responsiveness over email, participation in the blog)

commitment to constructive collaboration with peers (as demonstrated through a balance between one's individual interests/needs and vision and those of the group)

being responsive and reflective towards feedback (as demonstrated by active listening, questioning, reflective journaling or writing, revisiting work and making revisions, etc.)

We will talk about this more in class. Please do not hesitate to ask me for clarification on any of these points.

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