Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peter Pilotto // PRINTS

For those of you utilizing digital prints in your respective collections, this is a critical designer to view: Peter Pilotto

Color of Pomegranates

I also mentioned The Color of Pomegranates by Armenian film director Sergei Paradjanov (1968).  Regardless what kind of movement format you are planning on for your show, it may be helpful to watch scenes from this film. Pay attention to the way bodies in space are used to create an image in a frame, and how pacing, color and emphasis are used to draw your eye to certain areas in the frame. 

Pina Bausch

I mentioned the choreographer Pina Bausch in class last week.  I thought her work might be of particular interest to Allina and Erin, based on what you have communicated about your respective collections. These are clips from theater productions and a recent documentary made about the choreographer's work by the renowned Wim Wenders. Consider the use of gravity, emphasis, the syncopation of stillness and movement, as well as the framing of moments in a kind of tableaux.

Some of you might be interested in the work of Alicia Framis, who addresses contemporary political and social issues through the use of clothing and performance. The runway, dance and fashion often serve as frames of reference for her work.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Barbarians

You might be in the projects and various explorations of the Los Angeles based performance and multi-media collective, My Barbarian.

Megan Whitmarsh may be most known to many of you as an artist working with embroidery and plush forms. She recently completed a residency where she worked with My Barbarian, a performance troupe from LA. Here are a few examples of the resulting work. More can be found here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Check out images and video about the new, inflatable bike helmet ("The invisible bike helmet").

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lauren Clay

Marjolein Dallinga

Hiromi Tango // for Megan and Kali and Taylor and Grace

hoarder fashion
garment accumulation
object cocoon
encrusted body
More here. 

For Carrie // and all

PACO RABBANE 1969 fashions. Note the similarity of the space and staging to the show in the opening sequence of "Qui etes vous, Polly Magoo?"

I also referenced a contemporary accessories designer whose work is highly conceptual. I could not recall her name - Una Burke. She is a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins and the collection "Retreat" that I was referring to can be seen here.

 Russian constructivist designer whose name escaped me. The artist was Alexandra Exter, and the film "Aelita: Queen of Mars" a 1924 sci-fi movie.

Past Student Work in MME

I will be showing you many examples of past student work in class on Wednesday. Here are two websites of alumni that showcase their work for the class, Katie Coble ('10) and her collection Roost (above) and Sarah Ivancic's ('11) Monstrosities (below).

For Taylor // Shaped Weaving

Check out this book about shaped weavings. We might have some 1970s weaving books in the fiber library that have similar sections describing weaving a garment. 

During our critique, I talked about the work of a Czech exchange student, Petra Hudeckova, in my Fashioning Culture class several years ago. I mentioned her work in response to Erin's interest in origami, but thought you all might be interested in seeing the work since it is also a great example of playing with ideas by experimenting with possibilities. Enjoy!