Tuesday, October 4, 2011



issues of uniformity, function, utility, simplicity. Monasticism. Marking of time and season, exercise in control. functions in a similar way to her architecture work in its ability to guide and shape her life -- form directing function.

David Page

Kim Jones

"It’s instructive to go back to Mudman, the artist’s alter ego, who began walking the streets of Los Angeles in the early 1970s, and has continued appearing in various modified forms and in disparate, even international locations since that time...he makes a frequent appearance in the form of documentation, drawings and modified photographs, as the central recurring figure in Jones’s imaginative world. Mudman, as his name implies, makes his appearances faceless, masked, and thickly coated with mud; on his back, he carries an ungainly sculptural burden created out of sticks, chicken wire and tape, and a variety of other media that give it the appearance of dreadful weight and acute discomfort. Think of it as a prison, a crucifix, a cancerous growth… The metaphorical associations abound. Mudman is a vision of everyman’s suffering, and his peregrinations hold up the mirror to the often painful human odyssey through life." -- from this


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