Monday, October 24, 2011

Las Agencias Pret a Revolter

is a line of clothes and equipment, designed for use in protest and direct action.
The clothes are desinged in civil disobedience workshops where the political necessities of direct action are put into the form of jackets and pants.
The line has two objectives. On one hand it gives material answers to the needs of people practicing direct action, civil and social disobedience. On the other hand it tries to answer the needs of "direct representation", that being the construction of the activist's image by the activist.
That meaning not only his/her immediate image (how an activist personally looks), but also how they are represented in the mass media.
We, personally don't have high hopes for said media's good intentions.
Thus the Pret-a-Revolter was concocted as an ambush of sorts, for them.
It was designed as a preemptive media strike, anticipating the media's tendency to criminalize any form of political antagonism.
It is important for us that the equipment produced is appropriable and transformable by the user.
That way it is adaptable for the necessities and concrete situation of different actions.

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