Tuesday, September 27, 2011

explorations in exhibiting fashion

Good website exploring alternative ways of displaying/viewing fashion. Pertinent to our selecting of sites and considering new formats! The blog focuses a lot on sustainability movements and questions facing designers today (independent curating etc). It also had stories on things many people liked in the class, victorian aesthetic movements, japanese textiles, the entire Alexander McQueen exhibit... keep scrolling, the links are really good!

I like this one because it showcases a lot of designers with related interests to the class; creating mystical landscapes, economics in fashion, asian-american/british identity issues in fashion... its a style blog but covers a lot of ground.

>Caroline, I thought of you when I saw these. Its by "The Lake and Stars" lingerie, and they discuss being scantily clad and it not being to impress a man, also I thought she created an alternative world in her display, which was something you hinted at...

THREADBARED: (**favorite blog**)
I'll let these girls tell it themselves, their website, facebook and twitter are all wealths of information. Its written by two Asian American females with a focus on race, economics, and the political implications of fashion. here;

"THREADBARED is an evolving collaboration between two clotheshorse academics to discuss the politics, aesthetics, histories, theories, cultures and subcultures that go by the names “fashion” and “beauty.” With commentary on how clothes matter, as well as book and exhibit reviews and interviews with scholars and artists, THREADBARED considers the critical importance of taking clothes –and the bodies that design, manufacture, disseminate, and wear them– seriously as an entry point into dialogue about the world around us."

and their blogroll, where I've found most of these sites:

I found these below very inspiring both in thinking about display and whats possible! enjoy.

Chinese Mask Changing:


tradition of silk mask changing.

Actor Ennio Marchetto, super character/campy but notable use of materials! gets a lot said with very little. I like the idea of constant metamorphosis.


And one totally ridiculous video in this transition theme. Pop TV clip of couple performing remarkable costume changes. again, anythings possible.



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