Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello lovely classmates! This is a little bit late, but since I missed the makeup workshop, I have some resources to share with you now! I heard that the makeup artist who came to class ordered her palettes from a pro site. Silly girl. She should've ordered them from BH cosmetics.

They specialize in selling these palettes with tons of colors--this one is called the first edition palette and it's 120 colors. It's currently $24, but let me tell you--this company has a sale like every week. I have this one, and it's amaaaaazing. All of the colors are highly pigmented and the little pots of color are about the size of a nickel (read: this will last you forever, even after using it on 10+performers). So, they have 3 editions of the 120 color palettes with different variations in color, and then tons of 88 color palettes which are cheaper (the pots of color in these are about the size of a dime, but still they last for ever). I also have the 88 color neutral palette and the 88 color tropical shimmer palette.

Another good one is called Coastal Scents. It's pretty much the exact same product, they just have more 88 color palettes and no 120. But if you're looking for a particular range of colors (say, warm colors or metallics) I'd check their palettes out.

Both of these sites have lip, cheek, and face palettes, but I've never used them. I'm probably going to order the 66 lip color this weekend, and when I get it I'll let you all know.

And now, lashes!

So, I don't know if you all remember, but at the beginning of fall semester, when I actually had time to do things like bathe and put on makeup, I wore a lot of false lashes. I ordered one particular brand, Red Cherry Lashes, from a website called Beautyshop OC. And I fell in love. First of all, Red Cherry Lashes are the brand that the Kardashians wear. Enough said, right? But no, there's more. They have a HUUUUUGE following in the drag community because there are so. many. styles. The 201's I posted a picture of right above this are like, an inch and a half long. They curl up over my eyebrows. They're insane. But there are more natural styles, as well, which makes them good for "natural" faces that you still want to stand out on stage/runway. This particular website is great because they're organized into categories of natural, dramatic, bottom, and individual. Really useful. One more tip: if you sign up for a free membership to the site the price drops from $1.99 a pair to $1.50, depending on sales. Shipping also becomes free when you spend $30, so ordering for something like a fashion show is really ideal.

Also, if you ever need any ideas or inspiration or help when it comes to coming up with makeup/hairstyles, this makeup artist, Josh (his username is Petrilude but he uses Josh in his videos), is absolutely phenomenal. His youtube channel has helped me countless times when it comes to understanding makeup for the stage because he's also the most stunning drag queen I've ever seen in my life. Like, beautiful. He has tips on all of the basics, like applying foundation and highlighting/contouring, but he gets really in depth with special effects makeup in all of his halloween videos. Recently he's been including more and more about nails and hair as well. He has great product recommendations and is just a really knowledgeable person. So check him out! It's worth your time for sure.
This video is some of his more basic pageant makeup. But a great one to check out is his transformation from Josh to Misty.

I'll probably have more stuff to share with you guys by the middle of next week--I'm waiting to hear from a friend who owns a specialty makeup line in Baltimore. Her foundations would be ideal for stage and they're the best I've ever worked with. She also has a complete range of skin tones, probably the most comprehensive I've ever seen, so you don't have to worry about everyone having pink undertones when their foundation is on, etc. They're also waterproof because they're made to cover all sorts of skin issues and deformities (and nothing wants to stick to scar tissue, but this stuff does). Overall, it's amazing, and this makeup artist is amazing. If I can get this product from her at cost, I will--and if you guys are interested I might be able to set something up as well. But please let me know!

I'll bring in some of this fun stuff on Tuesday so you all can play with it during dinner break or something if you're interested!

<3 Molly

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