Thursday, February 3, 2011

internship opportunities!

Hey all,
I wanted to share an internship opportunity with you guys

STOL FTNY is looking for an intern who is passionate about knitwears
I recommended to people who really are interested in fashion, especially in knitwears.
I reviewed their website and i think it's really a great company.

here is the description:

Internship for STOLL FTNY

INTERNSHIP:Hard worker; Passion for Fashion and to Learn about Knitwear; Capable and Creative; Duration: 3 Months

This will not be a coffee run Internship. You’ll be able to see the ins and out of sample development and production. Straight from the yarn to the raw pieces off the machines into a full garment, this is a great experience to connect with people in the Industry, understand what it takes to produce garments, and more! You should be able to be flexible in working with all sorts of departments from meeting the clients and being professional to helping out the finishing process of the garments to clients to organizing the archive library, the biggest knit library in America!

visit their website:

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