Monday, February 8, 2010

IMPORTANT MEMO through the Snowbank

Hello All!

I hope you are well and enjoying the snow. To our injured team member, Amy, best wishes for a swift recovery!

Due to the timeline we are on, it is essential that we proceed with work before we meet next week. I ask that you read the following carefully and thoroughly.

Bios/Statements: Please make sure your revised and (final) draft is posted on google docs using the following title: LAST NAME_bio/statement.doc

Headshots: Please make sure you have web and print resolution headshots posted to Picasa. There should be TWO pictures of you (one at 72 dpi, and one at 300dpi). Please label them as indicated in the album folder description.

Performance Proposals: Please make sure your performance proposal is posted to google docs as LAST NAME_Performance Proposal. If you need a reminder of what this document should contain, please refer to the “SAMPLE Performance Proposal” posted to the google docs site.

When loading documents to the google site, please move them to the appropriate folder (so they are easier to review). Bio/statements in Bio/Statements folder, etc.

A revised TIMELINE is on the google docs site. Please take a look at it and note necessary deadlines and tasks in the weeks ahead.


Marla and Vincent will facilitate.

Presentations: We will begin with the 3-5 minute presentations of your work. Please do not exceed 5 minutes. Show us the pieces you have made (images are fine), sketches of the ones you have yet to make, and how you intend to present your work (runway, narrative format, etc). The purpose of these presentations is to help all of us think through the practical and curatorial considerations for Panoptic. (ie: the order of the shows, lighting and projection needs, etc.)

Logo: Bri will post her designs on the Picasa site today. Please make a point of looking at these this week, comment on them, so that we can make a final decision by next Monday.

T-Shirts: Please bring in new prototypes with screen printing.

Site visit: We will go to the market after dinner next week (weather permitting) to brainstorm ideas. Please generate ideas of scenic devices/set design elements or materials you have seen that you would like us to consider.

I will be in touch with the Communications team re: the draft press release, and with the Recruitment team about follow-up with models/performers and musicians.

Please call or write if you have questions.

Best wishes,

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