Monday, September 3, 2012

This post features links to a number of sites from the Fashion and Art lecture in class. May these serve as a helpful reference and sources of further research, inspiration and information.

  Fashion Projects began in New York in 2004, with the aim to create a platform to highlight the importance of fashion — especially “experimental” fashion — within current critical discourses. Through interviews with a range of artists, designers, writers and curators, as well as through other planned projects and exhibits, we hope to foster a dialogue between theory and practice across disciplines. The site also contains links to several other notable fashion blogs, including Threadbared and Racalicious, that offer critical and insightful analysis on contemporary fashion.

*** The Victoria & Albert website contains a whole section dedicated to fashion. Within that hub are sections that include live shows featuring contemporary designers (Fashion in Motion), historic garments in detail and fashion sketches and illustrations. Another section of the V&A website contains excellent images of historic fashions and costumes, with high resolution images that can be zoomed in on for close detail. ie: Prince Afron costume by Loudon Sainthill (1954)

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