Sunday, November 13, 2011

Artistic Intervention on the Runway

Alicia Framis presents her most recent work, the majority of which was prepared in Shanghai, where she currently lives and works. As in the case of Not For Sale (2007) for Madrid Abierto, Framis' projects are always related to society and directly influenced by the reality that surrounds her and her immediate environment. Using elements of fashion design, popular culture and architecture, Not For Sale (2007) reflects that reality.

Not For Sale is a work in progress that analyses the situation of children who are sold all over the world. The project began in the city of Bangkok, Thailand, where Framis produced a first portrait of a naked chets child but a necklace that read "not for sale."

OTHER fascinating projects by this Spanish artist living in Berlin include:

Lost Astronaut - an ongoing performance-installation exploring the potentialities of living on the moon through the ironical and fictional character and activities of a woman astronaut. Left on Earth like all women who were never part of the moon race, she settles in to BaseCamp, in which she will live for the 2 weeks of the biennial in a customized astronaut suit, among drawings and prototypes that aim to both parody and demand women's presence on the moon. Her activities will be pre-determined by scores written by invited authors and artists, and the audience will be able to interact with her in BaseCamp or as she wanders the streets of New York City.

Anti-Dog - A collection designed by Alicia Framis to make women — especially coloured ones — feel protected in dangerous neighbourhoods inhabited by skinheads, their dogs and other kinds of aggressors. The fist collection of this social art piece was composed of 23 dresses produced in a bullet-resistant and stab-proof fabric called Twaron in order to enable women to fend off aggression. The dresses are based on famous designs by Chanel, Dior, Courrèges, Gaultier,Hussein Chalayan, Karen Park-Goude. The classic styling and the golden fabric give the garments a kind of luxurious appeal.

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