Monday, October 5, 2009


The Pitch

Present a proposal for the body of work you will undertake in this class. Your audience will be comprised of your colleagues from Multi Media Event and members of the Fashion Graphics class, taught by Zvezdana Stojmirovic.

The objective of the presentation is to give you the opportunity to share your ideas with a community of your peers and gather useful and constructive feedback.

Your presentation may take a variety of forms, from powerpoint presentation to mini-performance. Whatever format you choose, please keep the following criteria in mind:

Your presentation and proposal must:

1. be 5 minutes or less in length

2. provide information about your sources of inspiration and research to date

3. clearly articulate your current vision for the work (ie: the scale or number of pieces you envision, the type of performance or presentation format you are considering)

4. include at least one prototype or finished piece.

Additional materials that may be useful in preparing the presentation: a mood-board, relevant samples (of material/fabric), relevant film clips, etc.

To accompany your presentation, create a Word Document, titled LAST NAME_Proposal.doc that contains the following:

1. Your name and the working title of your collection/body of work

2. A statement (3-4 sentences) describing the body of work

3. A short bio (2-3 sentences)

Please upload this document to the ExperimentalFashion Google Documents site.

Also load the following onto the picasaweb site:

1. A headshot (since these may be used for printed materials, please submit an image that is 150dpi, no larger than 2" in any direction.) There is a "Headshot" folder on the picasa site. Access it through "photos" on the pull down menu on the google site.

2. At least 3 images of your work. These images may include pictures of your finished piece, detail shots or samples (print designs, surface treatments), moodboard images and illustrations or collages. Please make sure that these are clearly labeled and identified with your name through the title. ie: Last Name_Garment 1 and upload these to the "Work in Progress" folder on Picasa. Again, the size of these images should be 150dpi and not exceed 3" in any one dimension.

If you are unsure of the technicalities of uploading these pictures and files to the Google Account, give it a try! Then, ask a friend to help you. If you still are unable to do it, let me know and we will go over it in class.

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